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At Sound Counsel Crisis, we specialize in crisis management. Our expert advisors provide comprehensive guidance on what to communicate and how to communicate it, helping organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from any crisis. With years of experience working with clients of all types, we’ve helped navigate virtually every imaginable type of crisis. We serve clients in New York City with our trusted crisis management services.

Before a Crisis

Numerous organizations in New York City often find themselves unexpectedly facing reputation-threatening crises due to a lack of adequate preparation. At Sound Counsel, we excel in assisting these organizations in moving from a state of unpreparedness to achieving full crisis readiness. Through our well-established three-step process, we guarantee that you will be equipped with the necessary tools to effectively manage any potential crisis.

Step One: Identify Your Vulnerabilities

Most potential sources of a crisis can be easily identified. Others are less obvious. Identifying your vulnerabilities will help you prepare to manage even the most unexpected event.

Step Two: Prepare a Plan

A crisis communications plan should be concise and actionable. Your plan should identify the chain of command, spokespersons, key stakeholders, and methods of communication. Your plan will help you determine when a response is required, who responds, and how best to respond.

Step Three: Practice

Your organization should conduct a crisis drill every year. Your spokespersons should receive crisis media training at least every two years. We will guide your team through a crisis drill and media train your spokespeople.

During Crisis

The reputation of your organization in New York is a valuable asset built over years of dedication and hard work. However, a single event can swiftly jeopardize it. At Sound Counsel, we recognize the significance of safeguarding your reputation, especially during times of crisis. Our team of experienced advisors specializes in guiding you through these challenging situations, ensuring not only the minimization of damage but also the enhancement of your well-established reputation in the vibrant New York market. It’s crucial to remember that if you fail to communicate your story, others will do it for you. Allow us to assist you in taking charge of the narrative and emerging from the crisis even stronger than before.


Step One: Prepare to Take Responsibility

It’s human nature to automatically deny responsibility. In many crisis situations, the most important thing you can do is to take leadership in addressing the problem. We help organizations recognize the real threat to their reputation and respond accordingly.

Step Two: Respond Quickly

It’s critical that you respond as quickly as possible. The longer you delay, the worse the problem gets. We help organizations gather and share facts, frame messages, monitor social media and limit damage by being responsive.

Step Three: Be Credible

Consumers, customers, and stakeholders will forgive a mistake but not a coverup. Being credible means being forthcoming, transparent, and truthful. We help organizations determine what to say and how to say it during a crisis.

After Crisis

In the wake of a crisis, it is imperative for your organization in New York to navigate the post-crisis period with utmost care. At Sound Counsel, we comprehend the significance of the actions you take during this crucial phase, as they can profoundly impact your image. That’s precisely why we are here to provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire journey. From crafting tailored ongoing communications to evaluating the consequences and fulfilling pledged reforms, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring you make the right choices. With our expert guidance, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you are undertaking the necessary measures to mend and rebuild your esteemed reputation.

Step One: Don’t Stop Too Soon

Responding to a crisis can be exhausting. There’s usually a strong desire to move on as soon as possible. When fighting a fire, there’s a risk it could flare up again. Some stakeholders and audiences may require ongoing communication. We help organizations determine when an event needs no further response.

Step Two: Assess the Impact

The crisis has passed. Some members of your team may be prone to gloss over the impact. We help organizations honestly and objectively assess the impact of the event on your image.

Step Three: Make Good on Promised Reforms

An effective crisis response often includes announcing the corrective action or measures that will be taken to make a recurrence less likely. We help organizations communicate making good on their promises.

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Sound Counsel has extensive experience guiding organizations through crisis preparedness, response, and follow-up. We do not provide legal advice. We are crisis communications specialists. Please contact us if you would like our help.