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Why is Crisis Communication Important?

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, businesses face an array of potential crises that can disrupt their operations, damage their reputation and undermine customer trust. Whether it's a product recall, a data breach or a natural disaster, the ability to...

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Schools in Crisis

Schools from kindergarten through college are experiencing crisis at increasing levels. The pandemic threw education into turmoil. Societal and political issues began to seep into schools…

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Apology Anatomy & Sesame Place

Do you think your organization is immune from risk?  If so, Sound Counsel implores you to reconsider.  If you employ people, or provide goods and services, you’re at risk because things can go wrong.  Even the best run organization can experience...

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Top 10 Things Not To Do In A Crisis

Your organization’s reputation takes years to build. But things can go wrong, even with the best run organization. If bad news hits your organization, here are the Top 10 Things Not to Do in a Crisis.

1. Not commenting – Something bad has happened related to your organization…

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Case Studies

Life Care Centers

In our combined nine decades of work in crisis communications, the call that came in early March 2020 stands apart. If ever a company needed our services, it was Life Care Centers of America…

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Princess Cruises

Princes Cruises retained Sound Counsel when it’s cruise ship Grand Princess was denied access to its home berth at the Port of San Francisco and redirected to the Port of Oakland. A world-wide audience followed the cruise ship’s saga…

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Piller’s Sausage

Sound Counsel has been retained by numerous branded food and beverage companies to provide crisis communications assistance relative to food recall and tampering cases…

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Sound Counsel has extensive experience guiding organizations through crisis preparedness, response, and follow-up. We do not provide legal advice. We are crisis communications specialists. Please contact us if you would like our help.