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At Sound Counsel Crisis, we are dedicated to providing expert guidance and strategic communication solutions to organizations facing unexpected challenges. Our experienced team understands the importance of quick and efficient communication during times of crisis. By working closely with our clients, we develop tailored crisis management strategies, identify key stakeholders, and craft clear and concise messages tailored to their unique needs and concerns. Our approach emphasizes transparency, empathy, and a commitment to protecting our clients’ reputation and financial health. At Sound Counsel Crisis, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of crisis communication with confidence and resilience.


We Understand Crisis

Recognizing that each crisis is distinct and requires a customized strategy, Sound Counsel Crisis utilizes its broad expertise to assist a wide range of clients throughout Boston. Our firm is adept at supporting entities of all sizes—from small enterprises to major corporations, and from non-profits to educational institutions. We are well-prepared to address crises of varying magnitude and complexity. Whether it involves tackling the challenges of social media backlash, handling delicate legal issues, or overseeing public relations efforts during critical times, our team is committed to steering Boston organizations through their most challenging periods.

Before Crisis

Various potential sources of crisis are often predictable, while others may be less obvious. As a leading Crisis Communication Firm in Boston, we help clients identify their vulnerabilities, prepare plans, train in media handling, and engage in crisis simulation exercises.

During Crisis

It takes years to build an organization’s reputation, and just moments to be challenged. We support our clients in identifying and evaluating threats to their reputation. Furthermore, we provide guidance on how to react appropriately during a crisis, advising on what to communicate, how to communicate it, and who the intended audience should be.

After Crisis

The way you respond during and after a crisis can shape the future reputation of your organization. We assist our clients in recovering from a crisis by assessing its impact, tailoring ongoing communications, and implementing promised changes.

We’re Committed to Excellence

Geographically, our firm has supported clients in managing crises throughout all 50 states and internationally. Our client base includes Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profits, universities, industry associations, and more.

Our team of senior executives brings together ninety years of combined experience in crisis communications, offering unmatched expertise to each client we serve, establishing us as the foremost Crisis Communication Firm in Boston.


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Sound Counsel has extensive experience guiding organizations through crisis preparedness, response, and follow-up. We do not provide legal advice. We are crisis communications specialists. Please contact us if you would like our help.